A Tribute to Coconuts January 16 2013

Did you know coconut water, which is usually sterile, is quite similar to intracellular fluid and has been used as an emergency substitute for blood plasma? Coconut –water IVs were reportedly used by the British and Japanese during World War II and by Vietnamese soldiers on both sides. And we can’t think of another fruit or nut that so readily becomes the top half of a bikini. Around here we use coconut in our delicious Coconut Breeze Sugar, but it’s also a less obvious component in our Black Powder Sea Salt. The black color comes from the addition of activated charcoal, which is made from coconut shells. It so happens we’re returning to the trusty Cocos nucifera for our latest offering as well, an all natural coconut, pineapple and rum tea we’re calling Pina Colada. This one is best served in a hot mug—no IV necessary.